Fundraising Mistakes

WRONG BELIEF #1: Fundraising is about getting loads of people to make contributions.

Some years ago an organisation had a campaign entitled “One in a Million”. The premise was by giving a dollar, you would be one in a million and they would raise one million dollars. The problem was it  required 25% of the population of N.Z to make it happen.

Capital fundraising raises money for;  A special project, through an intensive effort, to achieve a specific dollar amount, in a short period of time, from a previously identified supporting constituency. Most capital campaigns achieve their target from between 100 and 200 people.

WRONG BELIEF #2: The fundraising expert does the money collecting.

The best people to raise the money required are those who are already part of your organisation. Those who are informed and interested are the most likely to be involved and invest.

WRONG BELIEF #3: The key is telling people about your good cause.

People donate to need and invest in worth. They generally don’t invest in good causes,  they invest in people with good causes which makes the leadership of any campaign critical to its success.