Where Do We Start

The 3 Steps to Success

STEP 1: Do an INITIAL CONSULTATION  (A meeting of the minds)
I will come and meet with your leadership to have an open discussion about your vision, plans and goals. At this meeting I will present our Fundraising 101 document which will give you a clear understanding of how a capital campaign works.  From this you will be able to make an informed decision on the best fundraising strategy for your purpose.

STEP 2: Do a RESOURCES STUDY (Lining up your ducks)
A Resources Study is a qualitative research process that will assess your organisations readiness for a capital campaign and identify the two most important resources, the available funds and the volunteers who will get those funds. The study will give your leadership the opportunity to measure the support you have for your vision and to plan accordingly.

STEP 3: ENGAGE the Consultant (Pushing the ‘Go’ button)
Once you have all the information and believe the  recommendation is achievable, then if invited to do so, Kingdom Fundraising will submit a proposal to carry out an intensive phase capital campaign.

Call us, it costs nothing to talk