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The critical aspect of an Intensive Phase Capital Campaign… is raising the people


Warren Rodgers

As a committed Christian, Warren feels called to bring his skills and experience of 30 years, back to the Church and as such has organised a series of successful Church fundraising campaigns in New Zealand.

He is willing to give his time to your Church to speak on Fundraising matters.

Useful tips to remember

“Most capital campaigns achieve their target from between 100 and 200 people.”

People donate to need and invest in worth. They generally don’t invest in good causes, they invest in people with good causes which makes the leadership of any campaign critical to its success.

Critical aspects

The critical aspect of an Intensive Phase Capital Campaign to achieve a large target figure is raising the people who are capable and willing to invest in your Vision. They are the key drivers to your Campaign success. Because you’re asking them to invest in the cause, it’s important to have a definitive goal and plan of action to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of how simple and achievable the requirements of fundraising success are.

This is part of the knowledge and experience of Warren Rodgers who began his fundraising career with Compton Fundraising, the leading Fundraising Consultancy in Australasia and Europe.